Scores of testimonials prove that Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class is an amazing therapeutic, rehabilitative and life transforming programme that :

  • Increases flexibility and strength especially of lower body
  • Improved range of motion
  • Increases balance, coordination and endurance
  • Reduces bloating in general as you lose water through perspiration
  • Controls anxiety and promotes stress reduction and therefore better sleep patterns
  • High energy levels make one more active
  • Greatly enhances will power, concentration, self control and determination
  • Weight loss and body toning
  • Improves chronic conditions like back pain, arthritis, chronic indigestion etc and aids in the cure of chronic diseases like diabetes , high and low blood pressure and breathing problems
  • Improves glucose tolerance, blood lipid profile, bone mineral density and arterial stiffness
  • Reverses the effects of ageing
  • Vibrant , glowing skin
  • Bikram’s Yoga series of 26 + 2 has no variations the world over. The constant repetition allows you to measure your progress over a period of time
  • Strengthens the Immune System thus healing and repairing injuries and illnesses
  • Bikram Yoga, where each posture is held for about one minute followed by about a 20 second rest, is a form of Interval Training which Studies show to be one of the most effective methods for fat burn
  • Increased sense of well¬≠being and calmer mind
  • Physical benefits apart Bikram Yoga is an active meditation that leaves you more energised, active, present and self aware. So on a practical plane you make better choices, adopt a more healthy and mindful lifestyle better choices, as better choices adopt a more healthy and mindful lifestyle.

** Disclaimer : Benefits mentioned should not be construed as a guarantee that these will definitely occur for all students. Consistent practice will always be the best approach.